experimentation with pronto plates

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Yesterday, I spent the day experimenting with pronto plates at Burnt Toast Studio.  I have joined on with Burnt Toast Studio in the last couple of months and have been trying to get in to work on, at least, one project a month.  The first was my 2013 calendar.  This was my first “real” adventure in playing with the technique of silkscreen.  This was a fun little project for me and I was able to play around with colour and line.  Sometimes my etchings come out a little dark, in both colour and subject matter, so this was a refreshing start to the new year.  Playing with all of my small drawings of knit patterns that I have been incorporating into my etchings surrounding ideas that pertain to the design of the mind and body, and its relationship to happenings of internal and external factors, etc… these knits sketches, I have discovered are delightful on in their own simplicity.  For those interested, you can see the calendars and prints here, at my new little etsy store where I will post the lighter side of me.


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