postcard show at Alberta Printmakers’ Society

collection 01Just completing my set of postcards for Alberta Printmakers’ Society’s annual fundraiser.  These little prints are a great way to explore new ideas or techniques without investing too much chance for failure.  Over the years, these postcards have served as a new direction or spin off for new larger projects.  This year I played with the pronto plates and added silkscreened card stock behind the translucent rice paper and then stitched them together with a pattern of embroidery.  The embroidery is something I have been trying at for a while, but with little success.  I have been watching a fabric artist from New Brunswick, Anna Torma, with a certain relish, wondering how I could incorporate the lush colour that she uses and her sense of expression.  I think, with these little prints, I have started.  I have been able to express what I have been working at for some time, and I can see myself now going out and filling a bag of coloured embroidery thread.07  05 04 03 02


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